2019 Volvo S60?

Published on December 28, 2017, by in Automobile.

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No it is not. So far this is just an illustration.

But it shows what the next S60 could look like if it were to adopt a design similar to last year’s “40.2 Concept”.
Since the other one shown at the same time, the “40.1” ended up being 99% of the actual XC40 design. It is fair to assume the 40.2 is very close to the next S40.

The illustration above shows a larger sedan based on that design.

Which, I think, looks great.
It is actually nice to see Volvo going back to a rather square look after all these years.
They did figure out a nice way to make “square” look pretty futuristic.

Let’s hope the final version looks close to this…

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Article Source: FendyBt2 Official Website
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