2017 Opel Mokka X

Published on February 5, 2016, by in Automobile.

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 This is pretty much what we can expect for our Buick Encore by the end of this year.
No big changes, but they are all welcome. The LED lights look great.
As does the new dashboard inside. Closer to newer Opels like the Astra.

And also, closer to recent and upcoming Buicks.
Engine is a new 1.4 Liter Turbo with 152HP. A little bump from today’s engine.

Here is the interior of the current Buick Encore.
I always thought it was OK until I saw the new Mokka dash.
Which seems much more grown up, simple and classy.

These changes should be great on the Encore…

UPDATE: Buick just announced they will be showing the 2017 Encore at the New York Auto Show in March. (That’s a lot of capital letters…)

So really, 2017 Mokka=2017 Encore.

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Article Source: FendyBt2 Official Website
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