2016 Lexus ES

Published on July 11, 2015, by in Automobile.

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 No big news.

The Lexus ES is another car many people love to hate.

Although it sells very well. (Over 72 000 units last year. )
That’s because it does its job very well. And this little update really makes the car look better.
The grille finally works.
They have finally figured out about how to make the lower line of the headlights match the middle of that grille. So it doesn’t look “off” anymore.

It looks like the interior didn’t get anything new. It already looked fine and luxurious.
And the engines are pretty much the same. (You can still get the 40MPG hybrid version. Which is pretty amazing for a luxury car)

Here is the “before the grille design was fixed” version….

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Article Source: FendyBt2 Official Website
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