L.A AutoShow observations. Two

Published on November 21, 2014, by in Automobile.

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 Inside the all new Honda HR-V, things are actually pretty nice and modern.
And, with a very roomy back seat. For such a small car.

 Inside the Mazda CX-3, things are even more stylish. With plenty of very nice details and materials.
It just looks great. It also sounds really solid when you close the doors.

But, a lot less legroom than the HR-V behind the driver.

 I also really liked the new Fiat 500X. Stylish inside and out.
With cool details.
Although the doors felt really light. And legroom in the back is, again, not as good as the HR-V.

And then there is the Audi Q3. Bland and uninspired.
Starting at about $33 500, it is at least $12 000 more than these other new compact SUV’s I saw today.
Yet, the back seat is tiny. The interior quality is just OK. And it is actually almost a 4 year old invisible design.
(Sales started in Europe in 2011)


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Article Source: FendyBt2 Official Website
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