Fisker to become chinese?

Published on February 19, 2013, by in Automobile.

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It’s no big secret that Fisker isn’t in the best of financial health.

They need about $500 million to launch their second model, the smaller and cheaper Atlantic.
A $55 000 model like the Atlantic would be much more popular than the $100 000 Karma.

The loan they were supposed to get from the government was also frozen. Due to delay in car production.
And A123 Systems, the company that was making the batteries for the Karma, went out of business.
So Fisker hasn’t produced a new car in a bout 7 months now.
Not good.

Last week there were rumors that Chinese car maker Dongfeng was interested in purchasing 85 % of the company for $350 million.
Now the L.A Times is reporting that Geely is interested.
The same Geely that bought Volvo in 2010.

Geely seems to be a stronger company.
And Fisker might not be in a position to refuse the offer.

Dongfeng wants to move production of the Karma from Finland to China.
Not sure what Geely would do. (The smaller Atlantic was supposed to be built in the US.)

Let’s hope Fisker can be saved. Also let’s hope production doesn’t end up in China….

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Article Source: FendyBt2 Official Website
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